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FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework.

Great software requires collaboration and communication. This is a tool for enhancing collaboration in software development.

It enables customers, testers and programmers to learn what their software should do and to automatically compare that to, what it actually does. It compares customer's expectations to actual results. Know More

Presentation Stack

Presentation Stack is a free responsive pure HTML5 widget for displaying SlideShare presentations.

It's responsive, built on HTML5, JS and CSS3, and released for free under the MIT license. You can use it for any of your personal or commercial projects! Know More


The Panopticode project provides a standardized format for describing the structure of software projects and integrates metrics from several tools into that format. Reporting options provide correlation, historic analysis, and visualisation. Know More


Protest stands for Prioritized Tests. It is an intelligent test ordering tool, which aims to improve the test-feedback-cycles for the developers. ProTest maintains a history of test runs and knows what code changes affect which tests. ProTest is able to run the mostly-likely-to-fail tests first and hence is more effective.Know More


Patang is a framework for testing server-side code. Patang intends to simplify writing and executing acceptance and unit integration tests for server-side code. It implements an in-container testing strategy, meaning that the tests are executed inside the container.

It provides the infrastructure/framework to run fit tests inside the container. What type of fit tests you write will determine which type of testing you can do with Patang.Know More


DbFit is a set of fixtures which enables FIT/FitNesse tests to execute directly against a database. This enables the developers to manipulate database objects in a relational form. Hence makes database TDD much easier than with xUnit-style tools. Know More


Lattu is a framework for testing Eclipse RCP applications. It can run both Unit and Functionality tests. Essentially, it is an Eclipse Plug-in which provides FitNesse extension to run unit and acceptance tests. It uses Junit for unit testing, FitNesse for functional acceptance tests and Abbot for UI tests. Know More

With this framework you can completely automate your RCP build. You can build products out of your plug-ins and even run JUnit and Abbot tests against the newly built product.


Framework for writing decorator for FIT(Framework for Integrated Test) fixtures. This project also provides a set of standard fit fixtures, which can be used to decorate existing FIT table without modifying them. Know More


Java Web Application Stack built on top of Wicket, Spring, Hibernate/Ibatis, Jetty, HSQLDB, Junit, functional testing(Selenium), code coverage(Cobertura), DB Migration and CI. Its intent is to provide a rapid method for creating Java web projects.Know More

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